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The big question-what makes a sound?

Week 1. Sounds in stories.

We are learning about sequencing and onomatopoeia by studying the book 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen.

Please go through the text at home and also use the link below as this is the link we are using in school.


Week 2. Rhythm

We have been learning what rhythm means and so far, we have learnt two rhythms using body percussion.

We have learnt percussive instrument names that we use in our weekly music lesson.

We have experimented with sounds we can make with water from our water bottle.

Please ask your child about these parts of our topic.

Week 3 and 4 -Rhyme

This is a difficult skill to learn. Your child needs to practise this a lot so they can recognise rhyme. Any book by Julia Donaldson will have rhyme in it, so reading these to your child will support this skill. The 'Oi Dog!', 'Oi Frog!' books by Kes Gray are also good. Alternatively, you can make up nonsense words and just rhyme anything.


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Exploring the force ‘upthrust.’