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Reading- how to support your child at home.

Reading skills for your child to attain. Predicting what the story may be about by just looking at the cover. This tells your child whether the book will be fiction or non-fiction, who the characters may be and whether the story takes place in the past or now. Older children will be able to guess what era in history by clothing on characters on the front cover. In the main body of the text, you can introduce what is known as ‘tier 3 vocabulary.’ This is subject specific e.g roots, drey etc.

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Teaching your child tier 3 vocabulary now will improve their writing in KS1, which will have an impact on their SATs writing assessment.


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This child has been read this story many times. He can now 'read' the story himself. This is why reading some of the same favourite stories is so important for you child's literacy development. He understands how stories work, sequencing and uses vocabulary the author uses.


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This child knows all the parts of a book and ‘reads’ the blurb.


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Your child needs to know where the title and blurb are. They need to know what an author and illustrator does.


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Inference is one of the more difficult skills to develop. For example, in this book, it does not say ‘It was winter’ or ‘It was a cold day.’ but the child was able to infer that it was from the illustration. As your child gets older, they will need to infer information from the text too.