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PSHE and Emotion education


At Well Green we believe in, and promote, the development of the ‘whole child’.  For this reason, we recognise the importance of Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship. We believe that personal, social and health education (PSHE) enables our children to become healthy, safe, independent and responsible members of society. It aims to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially, and tackles many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up. PSHE is a program of learning through which children acquire the skills and knowledge they need to live healthy and happy lives now and in the future. Through PSHE we explore and counter any ‘Barriers to Learning’ that children may have.  

Our school motto is “Learning, Caring, Growing Together” and we are dedicated to ensuring that Well Green is a happy, stimulating and caring place for everyone. We expect high standards of behaviour and good manners throughout the school. Behaviour and attitude to learning is underpinned by values that are taught through PSHE lessons, making it integral to the success of the whole school. PSHE is at the heart of our school ethos.


The aims of PSHE education at Well Green is to:

  1. Help our children develop a healthy, safer lifestyle.
  2. Support our children in developing good relationships.
  3. Ensure that our children respect and appreciate the differences between people.
  1. Provide our children with the knowledge and skills they need to live healthy, safe, responsible and balanced lives.
  2. Eliminate any ‘Barriers to Learning’.
  3. Provide our children with opportunities to explore their own needs, beliefs and values.
  4. Ensure all children become positive and active members of society.



At Well Green, we believe that it is vital to put the child at the heart of our planning. We therefore have created our own bespoke schemes of work for PSHE incorporating statutory guidance and aspects of different programmes of study including SEAL, to ensure that we are catering for the needs of all the children in our school. Our main focus of study is based on three core learning themes:

1. Personal, social & emotional

2. Relationships

3. Physical health & mental wellbeing


Alongside this we have adopted a Growth Mindset approach to learning whereby the children are encouraged to develop their talents and abilities through hard work, effort and persistence. We aim to develop resilient, independent lifelong learners who face challenges with determination, deal effectively with setbacks and learn from their mistakes.


British Values objectives are weaved into the schemes of work for each Year group. 


Our behaviour system is based on a ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ theme whereby each child understands what their own rights are and recognises the responsibility they have towards others to ensure that everybody’s rights are met, and what they can do to make sure that this is achieved. Each class has a dedicated display exploring this theme.


We teach PSHE through dedicated weekly lessons, which is supplemented through other curriculum areas and Assemblies. PSHE is an integral part of school life and is fully embedded into the whole curriculum. Collective worship provides additional opportunities to enhance pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as the promotion of British Values.


A Kagan approach to teaching and learning across school means that all children are actively involved in lessons, all children’s ideas are valued and all children have an equal part to play in lessons. This collaborative team approach to learning provides daily opportunities for the children to develop their social and co-operation skills whilst engaged in their learning.



The teaching and learning of PSHE enables our children to:

  1. Become confident and responsible learners who work hard and persevere when faced with challenges.
  2. Achieve well because they are well engaged, motivated and independent learners.
  3. Make the most of their and other people’s abilities.
  4. Value their own and other people’s achievements.
  5. Manage risk and meet the challenge of life, both now and in the future.
  6. Identify their own personal values and strive to live up to them.
  7. Relate positively to our neighbourhood and local communities.
  8. Make sensible choices about their own health and wellbeing.
  9. Know how to keep themselves and others safe.
  10. Have worthwhile and fulfilling relationships.
  11. Respect the differences between people.
  12. Play an active role as members of a democratic society.
  13. Develop effective social and communication skills.


Our PSHE provision enables us to:

  1. Promote equal opportunities for all.
  2. Improve the health and wellbeing of our children.
  3. Recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity represented within our school community.


Our school vision, values and ethos are reflected in PSHE. The personal and social development of children is enhanced by all aspects of our school, including the staff, children, learning experiences and environment, that allows them to feel safe and for which they have some responsibility.