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Good morning!

Please make sure you have your orange book and a pen/pencil to hand for the Zoom meetings.



Today's lesson is linked to yesterday: multiplying up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number. There are practice questions on the PowerPoint. Today you need to answer the reasoning and problem solving questions related to long multiplication.

The question sheet has 3 levels : D - E- GD (developed- expected- greater depth). Children can choose which one to do. Answers are at the end to check your work but we will go through some together on tomorrow's Zoom call too.



Complete the work on relative clauses in you orange book. Remember to punctuate your sentences correctly with capital letters, full stops and commas.



Read the fact cards and watch the video about Victorian Inventions. You could also do some of your own research about inventions during the Victorian Era. 

Login to Purple Mash and create a leaflet all about Victorian inventions (it has been set as a '2do'). When completed, make sure you click on the 'hand in' button so that I can look at your leaflet and give you feedback.

If you are unable to access Purple Mash to do your leaflet, you could create one with plain paper and write it by hand.