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Good morning!

Please make sure you have your orange book and a pen/pencil to hand for the Zoom meetings.



Today I would like you to complete some work on square and cube numbers. There are the fluency questions and the reasoning/problem solving questions. Complete a page of fluency questions at a level of your choice (developing, expected or greater depth) and then try some reasoning/problem solving questions too.



Write a character description of Mrs Pratchett from 'Boy'. Describe her appearance and her personality in detail. Try to include varied and interesting vocabulary and some sentences with relative clauses. If you have time, you could decorate your work with a picture.



Practise your star-jumps, squats, sit-ups and press-ups for your personal challenge set by Ms George. Visit the Supermovers website and try a couple of routines:



I have set you 2Do on Purple Mash using 2Paint to create me an imaginative piece of art work! it could be something abstract or pattern based, a landscape scene, an animal etc. Use your imagination and get creative! Don't forget to hand it in when you have finished it!


Maths- please complete one page in your Mental Arithmetic book

          - Login to My Maths and complete the 2 tasks set to practise short and long multiplication


English- desert creatures comprehension. If you have your English homework book at home then write out your answers in there. If not, do it on paper or in your orange book. 

          - Spellings- your new spellings this week are key words beginning with 'h' and 'i'. Obviously I will not be able to do the spelling test with you today so I will test you on both last week's and this week's new spellings when we are back in school next week.


All homework should be completed and handed in on Wednesday 7th October when we are back in school.