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Good morning!

Please make sure you have your orange book and a pen/pencil to hand for the Zoom meetings.



Today and Wednesday's lessons are linked: multiplying up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number. The PowerPoint on today's page relates to the work for today and tomorrow. The video guides you through how to use the column method for long multiplication if you need help.

The question sheet has 3 levels : D - E- GD (developed- expected- greater depth). Children can choose which one to do. Answers are at the end to check your work but we will go through some together on tomorrow's Zoom call too.



Today's work is on collective nouns. We will explore some together in the Zoom meeting and then you can complete the sentences work in your orange book. The instructions for this are all on the sheet provided.



Today's lesson is all about adaptation. The PowerPoint shared in the Zoom meeting has been uploaded for you to look back on. I would like you to cut out and stick in the pictures of the three animals/plants given (cactus, camel and polar bear) and write in sentences about how they are adapted to live in their habitat. If you are unable to print the pictures, you could draw your own or just write under subheadings for each.